We are focused on OUR CLIENTS

We speak English, Français, Espanol, Hebrew עִברִית and Arabic عربي !


Menneh Legal is comprised of a bilingual team of legal professionals that thrive on working in a team effort in civil and commercial litigation.  At Menneh Legal S.A. we have our clients' interests at heart. We believe that providing a personalized service allows us to adequately understand and care for our clients' needs.

We are ready to protect and fight for our clients needs in a litigation matter, however we carefully consider the use of alternative dispute resolution and navigate toward a settlement where the circumstances of a case permit. Our mission is to implement a harmonious method of conflict resolution, by efficiently securing the interests of our client. However, where a settlement is not possible, our team is ready to defend our client’s interest with dedication. 

Menneh Legal S.A. emphasizes the development of long-term business relationships. We recognize that your time is precious and always strive to resolve each case efficiently while reducing costs as in a reasonable manner.


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