Our team of qualified professionals are ready to help you in various cases involving, among others but not limited to: 

  • Banking, financing and lending;

  • Actions on account;

  • Class actions;

  • Civil liability;

  • Contractual liability;

  • Commercial contracts;

  • Commercial crime and embezzlement;

  • Construction claims;

  • Corporate civil liability;

  • Shareholder disputes;

  • Professional liability;

  • Medical liability;

  • Injunctions, seizures before judgement and safeguard orders;

  • Pre and post judgement Seizures and other extraordinary remedies;

  • Exercise of rights under a hypothec;

  • Real estate disputes.

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Among the services offered by the firm are the settlement and/or the representation in litigation proceedings of complex civil, commercial, contractual and non-contractual disputes, damages, etc., where personal dedication and expertise are essential. We have extensive legal experience in diverse areas such as shareholders litigation, commercial disputes and more. We always first attempt to come to a peaceful settlement of the conflict and where settlement is not an option, our competitive team will do everything in their power to obtain a just and profitable outcome for our clients.